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Weight Loss Clinic & Bariatric Medicine in Hampton, Virginia

Have you tried to lose weight before, though were unsuccessful? At Doctors Weight Loss Clinic in Hampton, Virginia, we offer bariatric medicine that includes individualized weight loss plans that are professionally administered by board certified bariatricians.
Initial Assessment, including Body Composition Analysis

Bariatric Medicine

Bariatric medicine is the medical terminology for weight loss. When you want to lose weight, come to us for a physician set-up and monitored program that meets your criteria and specific needs. With every patient you refer to our office, we give you a free B12 injection.

Individualized Plans

To determine the best weight loss plan for your individual body, we do a body composition assessment, along with a few other tests. Some of the ways we help you lose weight include exercise and behavioral modification.
Man measuring his stomach - Doctors Weight Loss Clinic in Hampton, VA
We also do research on medical reasons for weight gain, such as thyroid problems.

Everyone is different; some need to lose weight and some do not, which is why we create individualized plans for each of you. We care about you at our practice, we only use diet, exercise and medication, if needed. Because your safety is always of the utmost importance to us, we always ensure that your body can handle the weight loss without causing harmful medical conditions.

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Since 1997, our weight loss clinic has been helping people lose weight the healthy way. Many people need to lose weight, and we help them accomplish their goals and discover the best way to exceed them and keep the weight off. We're board certified, so you can count on our expertise.
Visit our weight loss clinic in Hampton, Virginia, or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified bariatricians.
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