Behavioral Modification & Health Assessment in Hampton, Virginia

When you want to lose weight, Doctors Weight Loss Clinic in Hampton, Virginia, performs behavioral modification, body composition, and health assessments to determine the best plan for your body.

Behavioral Modification

Losing weight requires a lifestyle change. You have to realize the value of exercise, portion control, and food substitution. We assist you with all that, and help you handle situations where you cannot control the food, like at a restaurant or party.

During the first week, we measure the food that you eat. This behavioral modification exercise trains your mind to begin measuring everything and actually helps you realize what you are eating.
Man getting scale adjusted - Doctors Weight Loss Clinic in Hampton, VA

Body Composition & Analysis

As we age, our body changes, and every decade changes our average weight. The best idea for you to consider when trying to lose weight is to be healthy. It's important to avoid extremes.

One of the ways that we analyze your body is through a body composition test. This test looks at your body fat versus lean mass and your body's mass index using state-of-the-art equipment. It also tells us how much water you drink. During a 30-minute exercise, we determine how many calories you burn and find out your metabolic rate, which eventually helps us determine a weight loss plan.

Health Assessment

To help you lose weight, it is also necessary to perform a health assessment. This includes a series of questions about your medical history and your eating habits. We also go over your family medical history to see whether there is a history of heart problems or diabetes. Your assessment helps us determine a diet plan that helps you get healthy and prevent those types of problems.
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